The news here has been overshadowed by Trevor's death on November 4th 2016. He had health problems over the last few years, but was very brave and still full of life right to the end. We celebrate his life and his faith which sustained him throughout. He was an inspiration to so many, and will be remembered with great affection.

The latest book was published. In addition to the synopsis below, the introductory chapter can be read in the 'Vignettes' section. It can be bought on line by clicking the image.

Click here to purchase a copy of the book from Amazon. The cover picture was taken from a painting by Hilary Perona-Wright.

ĎFredís Gospelí 

Tim, a naive young art dealer from the South has a bizarre encounter with Fred, a canny old Northerner, in a Lancashire municipal park, and his life is turned upside down when he is brought increasingly into contact with the old manís eccentric lifestyle. We accompany Tim as he enters the household of Fredís lady friend, inhabited by old lags and social misfits, and see him accept their optimistic faith and philosophy. Fred eventually introduces Tim to Alicia, an attractive and passionate young woman, who wins his heart with a shared passion for art and life. 
A huddle of unconventional characters accompany Timís attempt to sell art reproductions to a Philistine world. Finally, Nathan, the owner of a book shop, offers him a whole new life where he can judge through his feelings instead of trained intellect. 
A story of self-discovery, new found maturity and true love. ending with Timís inheritance of Fredís legacy.
A novel full of comedy, warmth and a challenging view of life.


© Trevor Danby 2016