Leatherhead Methodist Church

Donations to the Church


Our Church has been unable to carry on much of its normal work during the Covid-19 pandemic since the buildings have had to be closed and group meetings have not been allowed under the Government's guidance. However, we have continued to support our congregation and their needs as well as preparing to restart our work in the wider community.

The Church's income has also been significantly reduced during this period which has prevented people making cash donations, and hiring our premises for their activities. Both these income sources are likely to remain much lower as we adapt to the new society.

If you would like to support the work that we have been doing, and will continue to do, please click on the appropriate button below to select the type of donation. The forms can be printed out as required.

Your donation will really help us to continue our mission to be a church that is known for its Spirit-led discipleship and its practical care in the community in and around Leatherhead.

If you are a tax payer your gift will be enhanced by 25p for every pound you donate, at no additional cost to you, when you complete the Gift Aid form, and submit it to our treasurer.

This will give you a single gift form, suitable for a one-off donation
This will give you a form to enable you to give a regular gift.