Leatherhead Methodist Church


Angela is inviting people to join her on her annual pilgrimage from Genesis to Revelation.
For some years she has been reading through the Bible in a year and has got others to join her.

Bookmarks are available at the back of the church which show the division of the Bible into each day's readings - it is a couple of chapters from the Old Testament, a few verses from Psalms and Proverbs and then a chapter or so from the New Testament. It is not as arduous as it sounds.

Each person joining in this adventure would read on their own at home but they will know they are on the 'same page' as others which helps to keep up the discipline.

Each weekday morning Angela types out a reflection on her blog which is called Manna with Angela found at mannawithangela.blogspot.com (or can be e-mailed.)

Angela was wondering if there are any congregation members keen to follow this daily discipline and who would like to actually meet once a month on a Friday afternoon at 1.30 at the manse on the 3rd Friday of the month - just to reflect/discuss/encourage.

Please contact Angela if you would like to take part using our Contact page and include the words Bible Reading in your request.

Please click here to load the bookmarks file which can then be printed