Leatherhead Methodist Church

Covid-19 Update




We are open for Covid-safe live services. We take all reasonable precautions by cleaning, and providing hand sanitisers for people to use when arriving at church. Worshippers are asked to wear face coverings, when attending a service. We have open windows and doors during services to ensure a good airflow. As we approach winter we would suggest that everyone should wear warm clothing, or bring a blanket to keep warm. The central heating system is largely ineffective owing to the enhanced ventilation.

We are also producing online services to enable worship from home.

We welcome you to join us whether you are regular worshippers or not, and hope that you can benefit from sharing in our services.

There is a link from our home page to the LMC Online services, which will continue, to ensure that those who are unable to attend our live services, will be able to worship with us.

We will be adding further facilities for sharing and worship as the pandemic subsides, and restrictions are reduced.

Page updated 15/09/21